Small Dogs That Stay Small

Small Dogs That Stay Small

Just like us that come in all shapes and sizes dogs do too. I suppose there are only four sizes of dogs which would be very small, small, medium and large the problem is when they are puppies apart from large dogs like German shepherds how do you know how big the puppy will grow.

Small dogs that stay small can be determined by the size of their paws at about eight weeks. Many people will tell you that dogs grow into their paws.

With small toy dogs like the Maltese or the Chihuahua we already know that this breed of dog is small so there is no guess work involved. Also if you multiply their weight at 8weeks by four then that is pretty much it, unless they are overweight they won’t get any bigger.

For many people it is important to know that the small dog they are getting from a breeder or a shelter is going to stay that way possibly because they live in an apartment but want some company or maybe they travel a lot and want to bring their dog with them.

Small dogs are great companions you can pretty much go anywhere with them. Theysmall dogs that stay small 2 Small Dogs That Stay Small will also look out for you as they are very alert, very quick and can be very protective. Now whilst their bark is much worse than their bite they will still give you a nasty nip if you were a would be thief and stick your hand in the wrong purse.

So what about other small dogs like Pugs? Pugs are a very popular breed of dog at the moment and are great family members. I would advise against letting them sleep on the bed of a night if you can as they are also great snorers.

Flying with a small dog is a lot less hassle than if you have a larger dog as you can take a small dog into the cabin with you. You need of course to check the airline policy and rules but basically you need an up to date certificate from your vet regarding vaccinations and a suitable carrier to put your dog in and suitable identification for the dog.

Small dogs that stay small – Clothes

Small dogs that stay small are the first dogs that come to mind if you mention dog clothes.

Now I must confess I don’t personally like dog clothes but many people do and an awful lot of them are sold each year.

The type of clothes people buy for their dogs tends to be raincoats which in fairness I can see the benefit of if it is raining quite hard.

Caps and hats maybe from your favorite team or designer are very popular as are shoes and trainers which I think you need to be careful with if your dog is going to walk anywhere as if these are not a good fit you can harm your dog.small dogs that stay small Small Dogs That Stay Small

Hoodies, I suppose are quite nice for when your dog is out jogging. (Sarcastic, sorry)

Some small dogs can suffer small dog syndrome which is defined as assuming the role of pack leader in an aggressive and dominant manner, not all small dogs suffer from this obviously but it can be overcome.

In order to prevent your dog from developing small dog syndrome you will need to have rules and regulations or training and its best to do this as soon as you bring your new dog home.

You will need to teach them basic commands like sit, stay etc.

Training to go outside to the toilet or designated spot if in an apartment.

No jumping up at people.

Only chewing his/her own toys or bones and no obsessive barking.

With these few skills your dog will be happier and so will you and this should prevent the small dog problem that some suffer from.

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